Photo of Nicholas Khmel

Nicholas Khmel

Executive Marketing Coordinator & Investment Sales Associate

Nicholas speaks fluent Russian and is the first generation of his family born in the US with roots in Ukraine. Growing up around the grand and unique architecture of New York City, Nicholas naturally acquired an appreciation and passion for all forms of real estate. He loves the people, the bricks, the economics, and the constant growth, change, and adaptation of NYC Real Estate.

Nicholas goes above and beyond for his clients, never compromising on ethics, professionalism, and excellence. With a deep understanding of business and a love of bringing deals together, he genuinely cares about his clients’ needs and improving people’s lives and the world. He ensures that selling and buying is a friendly, warm, and fun experience every time. In his spare time, Nicholas is an avid fitness enthusiast and has a passion for automobiles and aviation.

Nicholas’ story in his own words:

“When I was 24 years old, I decided to take a drastic new path in my life. Coming from not the wealthiest family, I always wanted to achieve success and financial freedom. I had a passion for real estate, and growing up in South Brooklyn, I loved to watch the new residential developments going up and was curious about how people can build these massive structures.

I grew up a few blocks away from the Oceana development on Brighton Beach and saw everything from start to finish – it was fascinating! Becoming a real estate agent (from large scale developments & skyscrapers in Manhattan, to the classic Brooklyn townhomes) was always something coursing through my mind. I gathered up the courage and confidence to pursue my passion. I thought a good first step to learning the business was to get my real estate license and get firsthand experience in the field, which is exactly what I did.

Before I got my license, I interviewed with several different brokerages with which to hang my license. After a couple of conversations, I was not impressed with any of them. One day, while I was studying in my real estate school, one of the agents from Elite Connect (the precursor to the Stelth Group) walked in and introduced himself and what the company was about. He looked and sounded like a true pro, and just seeing his energy and enthusiasm got me interested.

I was invited to one of the weekly meetings, which I attended the following week. Upon arriving, I first met the founder, Vladi Goldenberg, as well as my future teammates. When he was giving his speech to the office, I witnessed his unrivaled enthusiasm and passion – which shaped the whole culture of the office. Most of the offices I saw previously were dead, but this office was full of energy and life.

I knew from that moment that this is who I’m going to hang my license with. I started working there a few weeks after passing my exam. Of course, I was very green and didn’t know much about the business, but after working there for over a year, I gained much experience and knowledge. It was a journey with many ups and downs, but it showed me that through a dedicated work ethic, and pushing past failure without a loss of enthusiasm, I can achieve anything.

Over my time at Stelth, I have learned so much about all the asset classes involved with commercial real estate, e.g., industrial, office, retail, land development, and more. As well as the dynamics of business, finance, and bringing parties together for their mutual benefit. I love applying my knowledge of the industry to see how swiftly I can put my clients in a better position, whether for acquisition or disposition.

I believe in patience and that understanding the needs of my clients is a dynamic, ongoing process that takes years. Consequently, my goal is to build business relationships that last. I understand real estate investment needs, from large-scale institutional sites to small multifamily development. If helping my clients acquire a property, I strive to find something that fits their business plan and risk/return profile precisely. When I’m selling a property, I strive to get the best possible number no matter what the current market conditions are.”