Vladi Goldenberg

Chairman & CEO 646-542-0289

Vladi Goldenberg is an entrepreneur who’s strength comes from his experiences both professional and personal. He has seen both poverty and prosperity, success and failure, adversity and accomplishment. He has made wise investments as well as his share of mistakes. All of these things are a part of who he has become, and all of them have taught him how to not only reach for success but to build it from the ground up. One of the most important lessons that life has taught him is that there are no shortcuts and that focus, dedication, and hard work are the only path to achieve your goals.

Vladi faced challenges from the beginning. Born into poverty in Odessa Ukraine, he immigrated to the United States with his older brother and single mother when he was a small child, too young to remember. This experience gave him insight into the struggles of those yearning for a better life as well as the seemingly endless opportunities of the American Dream. Inspired by the opportunity to help his family, Vladi saught different opportunities in sales. This path led him to great highs and some serious lows. He learned a great deal about what to do and what not to do. The allure of money lead to some hard lessons.

It’s common in the business world for people to gloss over the negative and polish the high-points. Vladi, however, understands that when we look at where we come from, these are one and the same. We grow into who we are from our mistakes as well as our accomplishments. Vladi’s experience taught him how to be a problem solver, how to best direct his efforts, and how to lead. Refocusing his efforts, Vladi took a new direction and built one of the fastest-growing residential real estate companies in Brooklyn which did over 200 million in sales and sold over 400 properties and was ranked number one in recent sales and top 10 real estate companies in Brooklyn between 2017 and 2018. The company’s success was the result of his innovative sales approach called COB (Centralized Organic Bidding) and demonstrated his drive to excel.

Vladi’s passion and unyielding spirit pushed him to expand his vision. He developed Stelth Commercial Real Estate Group to bring his COB system to commercial real estate. As CEO, he drives the company to great heights with his proven original sales system while mentoring and coaching his team to provide the best experience for their clients. Vladi’s exceptional business knowledge paired with undying tenacity allows him to make the impossible possible and to lead his team to a bright future for the clients they serve and for themselves.