Exclusive Tech-Leveraged
Representation for
NYC’s Most Distinguished CRE Sellers

My motto is concentration. First honesty; then industry
and then concentration.”

– Andrew Carnegie

NYC Insight


Selling commercial real estate in New York City requires nearly mystic insight into the local market. We intimately understand the movement and intricacies of NYC CRE and what it takes to move assets at a premium.

We know the streets and people of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island.

Unusual Results, Exclusive Expertise

We achieve extraordinary off-market results for our sellers
through specialization, innovation, and differentiation:

  • Devoted to NYC seller representation
  • Commitment to leveraging tech in CRE
  • Tough negotiation with no conflict of interest
  • White-glove VIP service for sophisticated sellers
  • Unbiased advisement and advocacy for your interests
  • Ability to find ‘needles’ in the ‘haystack’ of dubious buyers

When Money’s on the Table, Play Your Strongest Card

The Centralized Organic Bidding (COB) System is Your ‘Ace’

We don’t rely on listing sites and we don’t wait around for subpar buyers to fall in your lap.

Stelth engages cutting-edge proprietary tech and methodology to actively seek, qualify, and entice multiple ideal buyers that are ready to put up their cash and compete for your property.

Delivering consistent results requires astute market and prospect intel gathered and analyzed through the pairing of sophisticated AI and unmatched human insight and experience.