“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common
vision. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain
uncommon results.”

– Andrew Carnegie

Leadership and Teamwork are the
Key Components of Successful Transactions


Get to Know the Stelth Team

Photo of Vladi Goldenberg

Vladi Goldenberg

Chairman & CEO

Vladi is an entrepreneur whose strength arises from his personal and professional experiences. He endured adversity and failure to achieve success and prosperity. Along the way, he made wise investments and his share of insight-building mistakes that taught him how to reach for success and build it from the ground up.

“There are no shortcuts. Focus, dedication, and hard work are the path to achievement.” – Vladi

Vladi faced challenges from the beginning. Emerging from poverty in Odessa, Ukraine, he immigrated to the United States with his older brother and mother when he was too young to remember. The experience gave him insight into the struggles of those yearning for a better life and an awareness of the boundless opportunities of the American Dream.

Inspired by the opportunity to help his family, Vladi sought opportunities in sales, leading him to epic highs and profound lows. The allure of success and independence led to some hard lessons. Vladi learned a great deal about what works – and what doesn’t. His journey edified him in how to problem solve, focus his efforts, and lead effectively.

Refocusing his efforts, Vladi took a new direction and built one of the fastest-growing residential real estate companies in Brooklyn, doing over $200 million in sales and selling more than 400 properties. Elite Connect ranked #1 in recent sales and was in the Top 10 real estate companies in Brooklyn between 2017 and 2018. The company’s success was the result of his innovative sales approach dubbed the Centralized Organic Bidding (COB) System.

Vladi’s passion and unyielding spirit pushed him to expand his vision, leveraging the COB System to innovate in CRE with the founding of the Stelth Commercial Group. As Stelth’s CEO, he drives the company to excel with his proven sales and marketing methodology, and by mentoring and coaching his team to provide the best experience and results for every client. Vladi’s exceptional business knowledge paired with endless tenacity allows him to make the impossible possible and lead his team and clients to a brighter future.

Photo of Grigoriy Azayev

Grigoriy Azayev

Executive Managing Director and Principal Broker

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Raised in South Brooklyn, with a natural knack for business and finance, Grigoriy started his real estate career right out of high school at 18 years old. Many had told him since he was young that real estate would be the perfect fit, and he ran with it.

Earning his Associate’s Degree in Finance at the College of Staten Island, he planned for a career in investment banking. After getting started at and spending several years with Elite Connect under Vladi’s mentorship, he was advised to get into CRE, and it took off from there. Over the years, he developed earned confidence, in-depth knowledge of the industry, and an unsurpassed love for deal-making.

He possesses core strengths in underwriting deals, picking apart rent rolls, leases, and operating statements, and finding the value and faults in every deal. Grigoriy also connects well with people by listening 80% of the time – and talking 20%. Within 15 minutes of talking with a client, he understands their needs, the challenges they’re facing, and is already devising fitting solutions.

Grigoriy is a numbers guy: “Many people in this industry and world rely heavily on emotions, but one thing I’ve learned is: People lie, but numbers don’t.”

He is fluid and flexible on details but rigid on macro goals, processes, and the Stelth vision. Whatever the goal at hand, Grigoriy tackles it head-on but is always open to collaborating on strategies, tactics, and paths to get to the finish line.

With many local connections and a well-rounded knowledge base, anyone that needs to find something out, or see who can help them, will call Grigoriy and he’s able to put parties together. That’s why he loves working in commercial real estate: to continually solve problems, connect one party to another, and the opportunity to be well rewarded.

Never compromising on his core principle, he insists that all parties deal in good faith and integrity. Outside of real estate, Grigoriy’s passions include Muay-Thai boxing, reading, traveling, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Photo of Isaac Ilkhanov

Isaac Ilkhanov

Executive VP of Development and Investment Sales

Isaac’s background in design innovation brings a unique set of skills to our exclusive team. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Design Engineering at Stonybrook University and holds more than 50 patents; however, real estate is Isaac’s professional passion, in which he savors the art of deal-making.

He understands that the real estate business is steeped in relationship building. Speaking multiple languages, including English, German, and Russian, Isaac comprehends the importance of listening, building rapport, and understanding the unique needs of every client.

He is particularly skilled in his ability to create maximum value out of every situation and deeply enjoys bringing the desired results to his clients. Isaac loves the fact that commercial real estate is commission based – he’s driven to get his clients the most money.

Clients and associates describe Isaac as having a ‘magnetic personality’ with the ability to connect with the soul when selling. While a people person and family man, he’s focused on financial results, and is wired to win.

“I’m self-motivated and set the bar very high. By that, I specifically mean delivering astonishing results and making my clients loads of money.” – Isaac.

Loving the water, he’s an avid yachtsman and adrenaline junky and has an OUPV Captain’s license issued by the US Coast Guard. He enjoys sailing races, tennis, soccer, traveling, and extreme sports.

Photo of Lana Katryuk

Lana Katryuk

Executive Marketing Coordinator & Investment Sales Associate

Lana is the keystone of Stelth’s lead generation capabilities and manages the Centralized Organic Bidding (COB) System. Immigrating from Ukraine as a child, she knows the value of opportunity and the power of persistence and dedication.

She started out as an administrator with Elite Connect and quickly became an integral component of the team and the driving force in the COB. Earning her salesperson license, she quickly grew in her role and expanded her capabilities and insight.

Exhibiting laser precision, she helps sellers find the right buyer, and buyers find the right property, going beyond conventional and overtrodden tools like LoopNet, CoStar, and Reonomy. She utilizes satellite imagery and numerous other data tools to identify ideal off-market acquisition opportunities in the most promising subdivisions.

Finding diamonds hidden in ore beneath the surface, Lana is adept at observing and capitalizing on opportunities that others easily overlook or dismiss. She keeps the team organized and coordinated, enabling them to get things done and ensures that the team doesn’t miss anything – every opportunity is analyzed, explored, and embraced appropriately.

Photo of Matthew Goldenberg

Matthew Goldenberg

Investment Sales Associate

Photo of Sholom Grosh

Sholom Grosh

Investment Sales Associate

Always interested in real estate and the quest for business, Sholom started his industry career with the Elite Connect team. After his first week, Vladi was so impressed with Sholom’s business acumen and driven spirit that he invited him to join the commercial side with the Stelth Group.

“I was thrilled by the opportunity and the potential for a bigger hunt and more excitement.”
– Sholom.

He gets satisfaction and hones his skills by previewing real estate throughout the city, watching new development, and studying the ongoing transactions. Sholom enjoys the process of growing in his chosen field and excelling in serving his clients.

Photo of Nicholas Khmel

Nicholas Khmel

Executive Marketing Coordinator & Investment Sales Associate

Nicholas speaks fluent Russian and is the first generation of his family born in the US with roots in Ukraine. Growing up around the grand and unique architecture of New York City, Nicholas naturally acquired an appreciation and passion for all forms of real estate. He loves the people, the bricks, the economics, and the constant growth, change, and adaptation of NYC Real Estate.

Nicholas goes above and beyond for his clients, never compromising on ethics, professionalism, and excellence. With a deep understanding of business and a love of bringing deals together, he genuinely cares about his clients’ needs and improving people’s lives and the world. He ensures that selling and buying is a friendly, warm, and fun experience every time. In his spare time, Nicholas is an avid fitness enthusiast and has a passion for automobiles and aviation.

Nicholas’ story in his own words:

“When I was 24 years old, I decided to take a drastic new path in my life. Coming from not the wealthiest family, I always wanted to achieve success and financial freedom. I had a passion for real estate, and growing up in South Brooklyn, I loved to watch the new residential developments going up and was curious about how people can build these massive structures.

I grew up a few blocks away from the Oceana development on Brighton Beach and saw everything from start to finish – it was fascinating! Becoming a real estate agent (from large scale developments & skyscrapers in Manhattan, to the classic Brooklyn townhomes) was always something coursing through my mind. I gathered up the courage and confidence to pursue my passion. I thought a good first step to learning the business was to get my real estate license and get firsthand experience in the field, which is exactly what I did.

Before I got my license, I interviewed with several different brokerages with which to hang my license. After a couple of conversations, I was not impressed with any of them. One day, while I was studying in my real estate school, one of the agents from Elite Connect (the precursor to the Stelth Group) walked in and introduced himself and what the company was about. He looked and sounded like a true pro, and just seeing his energy and enthusiasm got me interested.

I was invited to one of the weekly meetings, which I attended the following week. Upon arriving, I first met the founder, Vladi Goldenberg, as well as my future teammates. When he was giving his speech to the office, I witnessed his unrivaled enthusiasm and passion – which shaped the whole culture of the office. Most of the offices I saw previously were dead, but this office was full of energy and life.

I knew from that moment that this is who I’m going to hang my license with. I started working there a few weeks after passing my exam. Of course, I was very green and didn’t know much about the business, but after working there for over a year, I gained much experience and knowledge. It was a journey with many ups and downs, but it showed me that through a dedicated work ethic, and pushing past failure without a loss of enthusiasm, I can achieve anything.

Over my time at Stelth, I have learned so much about all the asset classes involved with commercial real estate, e.g., industrial, office, retail, land development, and more. As well as the dynamics of business, finance, and bringing parties together for their mutual benefit. I love applying my knowledge of the industry to see how swiftly I can put my clients in a better position, whether for acquisition or disposition.

I believe in patience and that understanding the needs of my clients is a dynamic, ongoing process that takes years. Consequently, my goal is to build business relationships that last. I understand real estate investment needs, from large-scale institutional sites to small multifamily development. If helping my clients acquire a property, I strive to find something that fits their business plan and risk/return profile precisely. When I’m selling a property, I strive to get the best possible number no matter what the current market conditions are.”

Photo of Millie Fixler

Millie Fixler

Senior Associate Broker

Driven by a passion for New York City and the sheer enjoyment of selling real estate, Millie has a tireless work ethic and unending enthusiasm for the city she has called home for her entire life. Her dedication propelled her into the upper echelon of the industry’s brokers.

With her profound understanding of the market, persistence, and strong negotiation skills, she has brought many impossible deals to fruition. She brings twenty plus years of experience, intelligence, and diligence to what is generally the most significant financial investment of her clients’ lives. For sellers, her goal is to achieve a smooth transaction with the highest price in the quickest time.

For buyers, she provides her clients with the most up-to-date availabilities and accurate market information to facilitate an educated purchase. What sets Millie apart from the competition is her individualized approach to customer service. She listens to her clients’ needs and desires and tailors her property selections and negotiations to achieve their goals. Her greatest sense of accomplishment comes from watching her buyers and sellers achieve their objectives and earn the best returns.

“In the world of business, the people who are most successful are
those who are doing what they love.”

-Warren Buffett