Photo of Isaac Ilkhanov

Isaac Ilkhanov

Executive VP of Development and Investment Sales

Isaac’s background in design innovation brings a unique set of skills to our exclusive team. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Design Engineering at Stonybrook University and holds more than 50 patents; however, real estate is Isaac’s professional passion, in which he savors the art of deal-making.

He understands that the real estate business is steeped in relationship building. Speaking multiple languages, including English, German, and Russian, Isaac comprehends the importance of listening, building rapport, and understanding the unique needs of every client.

He is particularly skilled in his ability to create maximum value out of every situation and deeply enjoys bringing the desired results to his clients. Isaac loves the fact that commercial real estate is commission based – he’s driven to get his clients the most money.

Clients and associates describe Isaac as having a ‘magnetic personality’ with the ability to connect with the soul when selling. While a people person and family man, he’s focused on financial results, and is wired to win.

“I’m self-motivated and set the bar very high. By that, I specifically mean delivering astonishing results and making my clients loads of money.” – Isaac.

Loving the water, he’s an avid yachtsman and adrenaline junky and has an OUPV Captain’s license issued by the US Coast Guard. He enjoys sailing races, tennis, soccer, traveling, and extreme sports.