Photo of Millie Fixler

Millie Fixler

Senior Associate Broker

Driven by a passion for New York City and the sheer enjoyment of selling real estate, Millie has a tireless work ethic and unending enthusiasm for the city she has called home for her entire life. Her dedication propelled her into the upper echelon of the industry’s brokers.

With her profound understanding of the market, persistence, and strong negotiation skills, she has brought many impossible deals to fruition. She brings twenty plus years of experience, intelligence, and diligence to what is generally the most significant financial investment of her clients’ lives. For sellers, her goal is to achieve a smooth transaction with the highest price in the quickest time.

For buyers, she provides her clients with the most up-to-date availabilities and accurate market information to facilitate an educated purchase. What sets Millie apart from the competition is her individualized approach to customer service. She listens to her clients’ needs and desires and tailors her property selections and negotiations to achieve their goals. Her greatest sense of accomplishment comes from watching her buyers and sellers achieve their objectives and earn the best returns.