Photo of Vladi Goldenberg

Vladi Goldenberg

Chairman & CEO

Vladi is an entrepreneur whose strength arises from his personal and professional experiences. He endured adversity and failure to achieve success and prosperity. Along the way, he made wise investments and his share of insight-building mistakes that taught him how to reach for success and build it from the ground up.

“There are no shortcuts. Focus, dedication, and hard work are the path to achievement.” – Vladi

Vladi faced challenges from the beginning. Emerging from poverty in Odessa, Ukraine, he immigrated to the United States with his older brother and mother when he was too young to remember. The experience gave him insight into the struggles of those yearning for a better life and an awareness of the boundless opportunities of the American Dream.

Inspired by the opportunity to help his family, Vladi sought opportunities in sales, leading him to epic highs and profound lows. The allure of success and independence led to some hard lessons. Vladi learned a great deal about what works – and what doesn’t. His journey edified him in how to problem solve, focus his efforts, and lead effectively.

Refocusing his efforts, Vladi took a new direction and built one of the fastest-growing residential real estate companies in Brooklyn, doing over $200 million in sales and selling more than 400 properties. This real estate company was amongst the top 10 ranked firms in Brooklyn between 2017 and 2018. The company’s success was the result of his innovative sales approach dubbed the Centralized Organic Bidding (COB) System.

Vladi’s passion and unyielding spirit pushed him to expand his vision, leveraging the COB System to innovate in CRE with the founding of the Stelth Commercial Group. As Stelth’s CEO, he drives the company to excel with his proven sales and marketing methodology, and by mentoring and coaching his team to provide the best experience and results for every client. Vladi’s exceptional business knowledge paired with endless tenacity allows him to make the impossible possible and lead his team and clients to a brighter future.